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Wess special slide mounts AHX500K 50 pcs

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Wess special slide mounts AHX500K 50 pcs

35mm slides mounted in conventional slide mounts often do not stay plane during their lifetime, because they are not tightly clamped by the mounts. Especially during projection bouncing of the slide because of the hot lamp can be very annoying. When scanning strongly curled slides the results are out of focus. This kind of problematic slides are being held perfectly plane by the WESS AHX mounts.
The AHX 35mm mounts for highest demands. Mounting works manually without additional mounting devices. The hinge as well as the snap-in lock can be opened and closed many times without the mount wearing out. Two rows with eight pins each keep the slide plane and prevent the slide from the annoying bouncing when using mounts without glass during projection.
The pins of the AHX mounts have the same distance as the film perforation. By using especially heat resistant plastics the AHX mounts stay plane even with long endurances. Inserting maskers and coloured foils for panoramas or special effects is possible, too.
The mounts are 3mm thick and can be stored in universal magazines. The AHX mounts are packed in boxes with 50 pcs each. WESS AHX 500K slide mounts feature a full format display window. With a display window sized 35,8 x 24,4 mm you do not crop anything from the slide, so that the full display window can be projected or scanned.
For further information please read our accessories website.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pack with 50 Wess AHX500K special slide mounts
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