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Light panels

Light panels are an essential tool for sorting and selecting slides of all kind. Those who have a large amount of positives and want to scan only some of them can save a lot of time and work by preselecting them on the light box. The light boxes by Reflecta, Kaiser and Dörr feature a very compact, ultra flat design and a consistent illumination of the whole surface. The smallest models can even be operated with rechargeable batteries, so that they are lightweight and transportable.
You can find detailed information about light panels, reviews and purchase advice on our detailed website about light panels.

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Dörr light panel LT-2020 LED 16x16cm dimmable

Illuminated area 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Delivery time:
2-5 days (in stock)


Reflecta LED light pad A5 19x14 cm dimmable

Illuminated area 19 x 14 cm
Delivery time:
2-5 days (in stock)


Reflecta LED light pad A4 31x21 cm dimmable

Illuminated area 31 x 21 cm
Delivery time:
2-5 days (in stock)


Reflecta LED light pad A4 plus 31x21 cm dimmable

Illuminated area 31 x 21 cm, adjustable colour temperature
Delivery time:
not available at the moment


Dörr light panel LT-3838 LED 34x34cm dimmable

Illuminated area 34 x 34 cm
Delivery time:
2-5 days (in stock)


Reflecta LED light pad A3 44x29 cm dimmable

Illuminated area 44 x 29 cm
Delivery time:
2-5 days (in stock)
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