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Kaiser compressed air 200/400 ml

for cleaning film material before scanning

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Kaiser compressed air 200/400 ml

Film material, no matter if mounted slides, film strips, medium format films or large format films, should be cleaned from dust and fluff before scanning. Whilst you risk irreparable damages on the film surface when using cloths of any kind you can blow away dust and fluff particles effectively.
You spray the compressed air from a distance of about 5-10 cm directly out of the bottom by a approx. 10 cm long plastic cannula, i.e. a tiny pipe with about 1 mm diameter. So a very fine air jet developes which also can spray away grains of dust and hairs from the corners of slide mounts.
Compressed air out of the cartridge is very well suitable in order to clean film material from dust and fluffs. However, it does an excellent job as well for cleaning flat screens, keyboards and other electronic devices. Everywhere, where dust and dirt accumulates at hardly accessible places, which you hardly reach with cloths or brushes or where you can cause damages, the compressed air is the ideal cleaning utility.
Furthermore, anti-dust spray is suited very well to remove dust and fluffs from the scanner to avoid image interferences (such as strips) while scanning.
For further information please read our review on accessories.
Please, note, that we have reflecta compressed air 400ml for a lower price on sale at the moment.

Scope of delivery

  • 200/400 ml compressed air (select above)
  • attachable plastic cannula
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